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Cleaning pictograms

Pictograms for office cleaning

The basic module for general maintenance cleaning in office buildings comprises over 200 pictograms covering the following areas:

Basic elements

The main individual elements of general maintenance cleaning (equipment, machines, cleaning textiles, etc.) are as follows.


Cleaning cart | Broom | Floor pads | Floor mopping system | Upright vacuum cleaner | Double bucket trolley with flat wringer | Rotary single disc polisher | Rotary single disc polisher with tank | Damp mop pad | Damp-mopping system | Gauze/fleece cloth | Vacuum cleaner | Window blind wiper | Wet mop pad | Cleaning sponges | Cleaning/microfiber cloths | Automatic scrubber | Spray extraction machine | Driving disc | (Glass/mirror) cloth

Rotary single disc polisherFloor mopping systemCleaning cartCleaning sponges


Waste bin | Waste cart | Shelves/surfaces | Ashtray | Lift| Meeting table | Picture | Computer | Window ledge | Fire extinguisher | Dishwasher | Glass door | Heating | Lamp | Light switch | Bin liners | Cupboard | Desk | Washing up area | Power point | Chair | Telephone | Toilet | Stairs | Door | Urinal | Wash basin | Washing machine

Meeting tableLiftHeatingDesk


Each symbol stands for a certain cleaning activity. The symbols are suitable for use in cleaning rotas or schedules of services.

Cleaning floors

Spray cleaning | Damp-mopping entrance area (fleece cloth) | Damp-mopping entrance area (mop head) | Wet-mopping entrance area | Vacuum-cleaning entrance area | Damp mopping (fleece cloth) | Damp mopping (mop pad) | Damp-mopping corridors (fleece cloth) | Damp-mopping corridors (mop pad) | Wet-mopping corridors | Vacuum-cleaning corridors | Sweeping | Wet scrubbing | Wet mopping | Polishing | Vacuum cleaning/damp mopping (depending on floor surface) | Spray extraction - carpet | Vacuuming with upright vacuum cleaner | Vacuuming with vacuum cleaner | Vacuuming visible surfaces | Vacuuming and removing stains | Vacuum-cleaning stairs | Sweeping stairs | Damp-mopping stairs | Wet-mopping stairs

Vacuuming with vacuum cleanerWet moppingSweeping stairsWet-mopping entrance area

Cleaning furnishings

Emptying and cleaning waste bins (waste separation) | Lining waste bins | Cleaning the cleaning cart | Cleaning cart: disposing of waste | Emptying and wiping ashtrays | Cleaning lift | Cleaning meeting table | Meeting table: clearing the dishes | Wiping pictures, fire extinguishers etc. with a damp cloth | Not cleaning computers | Washing the dishes by hand | Washing the dishes with dishwasher | Unloading dishwasher | Loading dishwasher | Completely cleaning glass doors | Glass doors: removing finger marks | Cleaning radiators and window ledges | Kitchen: cleaning sink, taps, cupboards | Wiping lamps with a damp cloth | Cleaning light switches, sockets, skirting boards, door frames | Cleaning surfaces | Watering plants | Cleaning plant troughs | Cleaning cupboards up to 1.8 m | Completely cleaning cupboards | Cupboards: removing finger marks | Desk: clearing the dishes | Cleaning desks | Cleaning window ledges | Cleaning chairs completely | Chairs: cleaning back and feet | Chairs: cleaning upholstery | Cleaning telephones | Completely cleaning doors | Doors: removing finger marks | Not cleaning full desks | Washing cleaning materials (cloths, mops etc.)

Emptying and cleaning waste bins (waste separation)Not cleaning full desks!Cleaning plant troughsKitchen: cleaning sink, taps, cupboards

Sanitary cleaning

Cleaning flat surfaces | Removing finger marks | Cleaning mirrors | Cleaning toilets | Replenishing toilet paper/paper towels/soap | Cleaning urinals | Cleaning wall tiles/partition walls up to 1.8 m | Cleaning wall tiles/partition walls in the splash zone | Completely cleaning wall tiles/partition walls | Cleaning and polishing wash basin, taps, splash zone | Cleaning and polishing washing zone/taps

Cleaning toiletsCleaning flat surfacesCleaning and polishing wash basin, taps, splash zoneReplenishing toilet paper/paper towels/soap


A series of pictograms that describes which way (sequence, special instructions) certain cleaning procedures are to be performed. They are particularly suitable for use in training sessions.

Cleaning floors

Spray cleaning| Damp mopping (fleece cloth) | Damp mopping (mop pad) | Sweeping | Wet scrubbing | Wet mopping | Polishing | Vacuuming with upright vacuum cleaner | Vacuuming with vacuum cleaner

Floor mopping systemTo put the floor mopping system onto the waterproof fleece clothTo start with one of the corners in the front of the roomThe free area is to be mopped walking backwardsteil2

Cleaning furnishings

Wiping surfaces with a damp cloth / Wiping surfaces with a damp cloth (spray method) / Cleaning surfaces with a wet cloth

Blue bucketPut on gloves!The bucket is going to be aproximately filled halfway with cold watterAfterwards the towel is going to be sprayed with solutionteil3

Sanitary cleaning

Cleaning toilet zone

Red cleaning sponge | red cleaning towel | red bucket (6 l / 8 l)To fill the bucket halfway with cold watterCleaning the rest of the toilet during residence timeCleaning the splash zone in the endteil4

Cleaning washing zone

Yellow cleaning sponge | yellow bucket | yellow microfiber towelTo fill the bucket halfway with cold watterThe cleaning sponge is to be dunked into cleaning solutionAfterwards the splash zone is to be cleaned with the microfiber towelteil4



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